Hemp Flower

We thoughtfully grow organic certified flower at our 250,000 sq. ft. indoor-grow facility in Ely, Nevada.

Hemp is an ancient and traditional plant about which perceptions have greatly evolved. The new reality is that hemp is changing how we can and will create and sustain life and livelihoods in Nevada and throughout the world. For many years, people have been using hemp to support diverse physical and mental symptoms. Hemp also lacks the addictive and chemical issues linked to other plant-based products such as tobacco.

Hemp is a remarkably versatile plant with a vast range of benefits.

  • Doesn’t Intoxicate

  • Provides Natural Pain Relief

  • Helps with Stress & Anxiety

  • Mental Clarity

  • Offers Potential Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Is Legal & Accessible

Supplement and Wellness Products

End-to-end compliance, quality and innovation for the Supplement & Wellness markets.

Silver Lion Farms can provide retailers with premium-quality organically grown hemp-derived products for your wellness community.

Supplying Supplement & Wellness shops with organic hemp extract derived products to optimize your ROI.

Our mission of Helping Millions™ starts with ensuring our customers that they receive organically grown pure hemp extract products produced the right way. That begins with our own organic hemp-based flower and formulations.

After growing the best possible flower under carefully controlled conditions, we developed a line of superb products you can source to enhance your retail product options.

Recommended Products for Retailers

  • RISE + UNWIND: Hemp Extract Infused Gummies
  • RISE + UNWIND + RENEW: Hemp Extract Infused Capsules
  • CALM + JOY: Pure Organic Hemp Pre-Rolls

Refined Oils

Refined hemp flower oils come in a variety of forms for a broad range of finished goods. Our products all begin with our own USDA Organic–certified hemp flower grown at our campus outside of Ely, Nevada, to ensure quality and potency.


  • 60-70%+ potency
  • Organic certified
  • Thick Oil – best used in oil-based products or those with a high level of oil compatibility
  • Contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Our crude oil extract is winterized and decarboxylated


  • 20% pure potency
  • Organically produced
  • Water-based – not recommended for use in oil-based products
  • Available in powdered form
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Faster onset
  • T-Free
  • Rarely contains other minor, naturally occurring cannabinoids


  • 99%-100% pure
  • Powder


  • 85%+ potency
  • Organic certified
  • Oil – best used in oil-based products or those with a high level of oil compatibility
  • T-Free
  • Can contain other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes
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