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We care about more than what we grow – we care just as much about where and how it is grown.

Our Story

In early 2018, our founders saw an opportunity to align a valuable emerging growth industry with an ethical good, a powerful brand and an ability to scale organic hemp extract–derived products and raw materials. With a mission to serve people, the environment and the economy, we established Silver Lion Farms® as a standardized, scalable and vertically integrated organic-hemp platform.

Silver Lion Farms found a partner in American mega-entrepreneur, philanthropist and billionaire signatory of the Bill Gates Pledge, John Paul DeJoria, best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell® line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company®. Together, we assembled a team of experts, including the strategic financial hand of CEO Bob Kurilko, to embark on our earnest journey to do good and create large returns through agriculture, science, manufacturing, job creation and environmental stewardship.

Today, we passionately maintain our mission-driven belief that every day is a meaningful opportunity to satisfy the demand for premium hemp-derived products with intelligence, integrity, responsibility and purpose.

Organic Certified Alfalfa, serving Nevada, California and more.

Our Farm

At Silver Lion Farms®, we care about more than what we grow – we care just as much about where and how it is grown.

Focused on Location

Silver Lion Farms’ USDA Organic certified campus is nestled near the base of the Ruby Mountains. We are located in White Pine County, North of Ely, Nevada. The quaint town of Ely is roughly 7.5 square miles in the heart of the Great Basin, 244 miles north of Las Vegas and 63 miles west of Utah.

When we set out to select and establish our campus, we were determined to do things the right way no matter what it demanded of us. Today that focus expresses itself as over two thousand outdoor acres of USDA Certified Organic farmland that grows premium, quality crops serving communities near and far. Our primary outdoor crop production is focused on premium organic certified Alfalfa. Providing Nevada, California and other surrounding states high quality organic hay. 

Cultivation with an Eco-Conscience Initiative

Our regenerative farming practices strongly emphasize care for the soil to help ensure our planet’s long-term health and vitality.

We recognize the urgent meaning of this concern in the wake of damage caused from many years of heavy chemicals and machinery used over time in farming practices. Our farm strives to repair and reverse as much environmental harm as we can that has preceded us.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our dedication to sustainable agriculture aligns with the principles identified by the USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Eco-friendly agriculture looks to:

  • Promote environmental stewardship.
  • Enhance quality of life for families and communities.
  • Increase production for food and other needs.

In efforts to achieve sustainable agriculture, Silver Lion Farms is committed to:

  • Use microbial fertilizers to maintain and enhance soil fertility.
  • Use fertilizer rationally while eliminating pesticides, growth hormones, plant-growth regulators and immature farm manure.
  • Apply intercropping and biological-control techniques for pest and weed control.
  • Restore the natural environment damaged by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic agents.
  • Strictly regulate operating standards for all procedures throughout crop production.
When sustainable agriculture practices are regionally integrated, long-term results can be:
  • Safer food, feed, fiber and fuel production that can also correspond with rapid population growth.
  • Protection of the environment and expansion of natural-resource supplies.
  • Continuing economic viability of agriculture systems.

Forward-Looking Agriculture Production

We believe hemp will increase as a versatile and powerful component of evolving human civilization. Industrial hemp can feed, clothe and house our families, friends and fellow citizens for generations to come.

Products such as organically certified hemp oils can offer plant-based alternatives that far exceed those available now. Fibers and hurds gathered from the stalks of the hemp plant can be used in everything from clothing to home construction with new and developing products such as hempcrete.

As the world gains an ever-greater insight into why we need sustainable products such as those derived from industrial hemp, Silver Lion Farms will continue leading the way through innovation and scalability with a nurturing eye on the soil we gather it from.

We also will serve as a resource of honest and accurate education for a more-informed public that can make their own best choices and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Indoor Grow

A site to behold, our USDA Organic–certified, state-of-the-art indoor grow facility is the only one of its kind in North America. We made it that way to ensure the purest quality of hemp produced for you.

Hemp Cultivation for Ideal Manufacturing & Distribution

Set on our campus outside of Ely, Nevada, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, our 250,000 sq. ft. indoor hemp-processing facility houses nine separate 25,000 sq. ft. grow halls. Each hall is precisely controlled for light, temperature, humidity and other key factors that influence the greatest quality and yield.

Inspired by our mission of Helping Millions™, we created our facility to grow premium-quality hemp flower, herbs and other hard-to-find organics at scale year-round. This allows us to establish and maintain a reliable, scalable, transparent U.S. supply chain for consumer packaged goods.

Indoor & Outdoor Grow: What’s the Difference?

Growing hemp outdoors is advantageous because of the available land as well as the ability to cultivate the flower in the earth’s natural environment. Outdoor grow also does not have the costs associated with operating an indoor grow facility.

At the same time, because indoor grow is in a fully managed environment, it allows for much greater control of the qualities of the most desirable final hemp flower. Within our indoor facility, we can customize and adjust air, light and soil to our most exacting specifications.

Because of its controlled environment, indoor grow also can achieve multiple harvests in a year. Outdoor grow yields one condition-dependent harvest in the same span.

The Perfect Conditions for Uses of Hemp

Our ability to accommodate each individual hemp plant removes all effort from it in having to respond and adapt to an environment that is uncontrolled and sometimes hostile. The plant is free to reach its greatest potential.

For this reason, our indoor hemp plants are akin to what you might refer to as top-shelf spirits. This is because hemp flowers that can bloom in the perfect conditions achieve the optimal aroma, appearance and trim. They also yield denser buds with greater resin.

Collectively, these qualities ensure that your products including hemp contain characteristics of the freshest and most vibrant flower.

Our Leadership Team

John Paul DeJoria

Founding Investor

Bob Kurilko
Chief Executive Officer
Donna Bath

Director of Community Relations &  Special Projects

Esther Cortez
Catherine Linamen
Head of HR & Organization Development
Dawn Ehrke

Creative Director

James Ochse

Cultivation Manager

Anise Owen
Talent Acquisition & Development Manager
Joe Cook
Head of Supply Chain

Helping Millions

With a commitment to industrial organic hemp cultivation that benefits millions of people, Silver Lion Farms grows and produces hemp-derived products and targeted formulations for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.
Guided by a devotion to service, science and solutions, we help protect and advance the economy, the environment, social industry and global climate.

Service. In serving humanity, we develop and maintain a hemp-based sustainable ecosystem of agriculture and manufacturing that contributes to the health and well-being of people, communities and environments both here in Nevada and beyond.

Science. Inspired by the pursuit of truth through knowledge and proof, Silver Lion Farms plants the seeds of what can be, qualifies what can be done and acts on how we know we can benefit our business, community and clientele in a sustainable, responsible and respectful manner. We are educators as much as we are suppliers.

Solutions. Our seed-to-sale supply chain and proprietary standard operating procedures (SOPs) deliver consistency, reliability and personalized client support as we continue pioneering hemp solutions.

Our Values










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