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The History of Hemp

Progression of Hemp in America Hemp heals, restores, strengthens, and brings abundance wherever it is grown or used. Hemp’s history helps us understand why capitalists of industry tried for so long to keep hemp outside the gates of acceptance, lest it overtakes tobacco, wood mills for paper and textiles, and synthetic cures. But those days… Read More

CBD Beverages: Everything You Need to Know

Among the myriad of cannabidiol-based products, a new set of products have really had us itching to get to the bar on Friday night. These are cannabidiol-infused beverages. This new generation of CBD-based products provides a new way of increasing bioavailability and transport of this highly beneficial extract. But what does that mean for the… Read More

CBD’S Benefits for Skin: Can it Help with Wrinkles?

Cannabidiol is well known for its highly beneficial treatment of a number of physiological disorders, such as epilepsy and anxiety, but what about for your skin? Research has shown that CBD-based skincare products can help reduce wrinkles and aging skin, acne, and psoriasis. However, are the claims marketed to consumers too fast-paced for the research?… Read More

CBD For Inflammation: What Does the Research Say?

CBD has recently exploded onto the health scene, with many health claims in tow. But what can cannabinoids really do for inflammation? Inflammation is a natural body process, but when it occurs unchecked and in the wrong place it can result in pain and several potential conditions. Research tells us that there’s a lot to… Read More

CBD Gummies VS. Capsules: Which is Better?

Food products containing cannabidiol have emerged as an incredibly popular and lucrative facet in the cannabidiol market (1). But an age-old question remains, are gummies or capsules better? If it were only about prices consistent dosing and bioavailability, capsules are a clear choice, but when it comes to consumer perception and enjoyment, that choice becomes… Read More

Food & Beverage Companies Gear Up for the CBD Revolution

CBD-containing food products is a market that has been surrounded by confusion for several years. With the legal landscape looking forward to changing, and the ever-increasing list of medical benefits from taking CBD, the horizon is looking ever sweeter for the CBD market. So, what does this involve? Let’s find out. What Is CBD? It… Read More

CBD, Combatting Arthritis Pain for Millennia

Everyone has heard of CBD, but what about CBD and arthritis pain? CBD has been found by several studies to alleviate both the inflammation and pain experienced by arthritis patients, but how does it do this? Let’s find out. What Is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD), has been used for thousands of years as a medicine for… Read More

CBD in Pet Food: Everything you Need to Know

Hemp/CBD Industry Cannabidiol (CBD) has been used as a tool to aid human health since 2600 BC (1). With the current growing popularity of CBD, do the health benefits transfer to our pet friends? Many of the benefits humans experience with CBD is mirrored in our pets (2). This is especially true when considering disorders… Read More

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